The Process

Ready to go deeper?

  • Maybe aspects of your life are overwhelming (career, parenting, college, addictions), especially without essential human or spiritual supports.
  • Maybe you have secretly been wishing for a better way to cope- to face your fears, grief, uncertainty or pain – and discover the real purpose of your life or to discover a Higher Power you can believe in.
  • Maybe you intuitively sense what you are meant to do with your time on this planet and still, you feel paralyzed from taking action.
  • Or maybe your life is working well AND you are simply ready for the next teacher to appear and guide you through the next level of your expansion.

For these reasons and more, I began coaching individuals, couples and groups through the science-backed “Process”, as well as created this monthly, online spiritual community where seekers gather safely to be seen, understood, guided and uplifted.

If you like being part of groups and coaching and/or topics related to spiritual awakening or Higher Power, message Cathi here to be included in her mailing list. Cathi welcomes your ideas for upcoming topics to create the most value for you, as well as feedback after our calls. Confidential Zoom codes will be sent upon registration through PayPal or Venmo @ CathiMarcusCoaching. $25/session.