Cathi Marcus

Professional Speaker, Published Author, Certified Human Design & Authenticity Coach

Cathi Marcus, Certified Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Author and Speaker is a deeply compassionate, relatable and intuitive partner with decades of education and experience on human design, potential and evolution.  Cathi believes you are already whole and complete and teaches you how to recognize and utilize your own powers and uniqueness to experience your best life.

Additionally, Cathi affords you the trusted space you need to connect with your inner truth and access your full potential.

When Cathi is not helping others embrace and express their authentic selves, you can find her hot yoga sweating, ice tub plunging, doodle dog cuddling, higher consciousness surfing or acting as an ATM for her highly fashionable teen.

Cathi’s passion for human beings, human design and human potential shines through in every avenue of her self expression – her speaking, writing, educating, podcasting and more.

According to CliftonsStrengths 2.0, Cathi is a “Guru” thinker who perceives subtleties in the field of possibilities few others are able to perceive, which leads you to incredible breakthroughs.  Working with a certified and professional transformation coach like Cathi, who focuses on authenticity, life purpose, and self-love, is a transformative and enriching experience for you.  

Cathi helps you to embrace every part of yourself, stand in your power and not get lost in the emotions or agendas of others.  Through a collaborative and transformative partnership, Cathi offers you freedom from collective misunderstandings about being human and being spiritual.

In this alternative, you recognize you have never been broken, you have always been empowered, and you are fully capable of accessing the abundance of love, health, wealth, security, and peace you have always felt separated from.

A Powerful, Relatable and Dynamic Storyteller, Coach and Educator

Cathi has successfully guided thousands of individuals to freedom from addiction and to their unlimited potential for spiritual advancement and fulfillment.