Cathi Marcus

speaker, author and coach

Cathi Marcus, Certified Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Author and Speaker is a holistic, intuitive healer with decades of coaching experience and a heartfelt interest in your spiritual awakening. One of Cathi’s greatest assets is the safe and warm presence she offers you to connect with your deepest truth and greatest aspiration. Cathi regularly engages in the practices of yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, breath work, meditation, contemplation and selfless services and, as a result, has the vibration, energy, awareness and wisdom to guide others on their individual journey to their authentic self.

Cathi utilizes scientifically proven, brain-based techniques to rewire her client’s brains to empower them to live an authentic and happy life. A radio/TV guest host, published author, and founder of a top online addiction recovery blog, Cathi can help you release the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that prevent you from experiencing the clarity and life you desire. Her passion for spirituality, personal growth, New Thought and metaphysics shines through in the various online and in-person workshops she offers to awaken the conscious creator in us all.

According to Clifton StrengthsFinder, Cathi is a “Guru” and is great at figuring out solutions to complex problems. Cathi digs deep and sees subtleties few others are able to perceive. She offers a wealth of information and is paid to help others gain new perspective and unlimited possibilities. She is a graduate of The Divine Intelligence Institute where she received her certification in the “Process”, a proven method to awaken your own inner joy, creativity and peace.  Cathi facilitates this process with individuals all over the country and prides herself in creating a community of “lightworkers” who spread their positive energy to their families, communities and the world.

A well-respected, highly sought-after storyteller, teacher and Spiritual Life & Business Coach

Cathi has successfully guided thousands of individuals to freedom from addiction and to their unlimited potential for spiritual advancement and fulfillment.