Cathi Marcus Speaker

Cathi Marcus

Cathi Marcus is a subject matter expert in human design and human potential, accomplished author, transformation industry specialist and thought leader with a rich history of touching hearts, minds, and lives for over 25 years.  Cathi’s special talent includes the vulnerability and trusted space she creates for her clients and audiences to connect with their own realities, as well as the rare and transformative insights she catalyzes and the practical solutions she offers that lead to sought after results.

Whether addressing an audience of students, parents, conference attendees or corporate executives, Cathi’s vulnerability, relatable life and business experiences, and infectious high energy lassos the attention of listeners and catalyzes their ability to embrace their uniqueness, access their confidence and experience their sought after transformations.

Bringing Education, Entertainment and Enthusiasm through her Signature Talks at Colleges, Conferences and Corporations.

  • Straight A Empowered: The Power of Your Awareness, Acceptance & Authenticity
  • The Upside of Hitting Bottom: Breaking Through Burnout or Breakdown 
  • Your Calm Presence: Accessing Authentic Power and Building Trusted Connections

Cathi’s experience and expertise is in the areas of nervous system regulation/stress management, vitality/ energy production, confidence/inner security, authentic/conscious decision making, and personal empowerment/ sourcing our power from within!

Her decades of hard-won experience as a corporate executive in the healthcare industry, as well as her 25 years of solid recovery from the top addictions we all face makes Cathi a relevant and impactful speaker for any corporate, campus or community platform.

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