Top Books on Addiction Recovery, Authenticity, Spiritual Evolution, and Conscious Living

Addictionland: The Raw Details of an Awesome Spiritual Awakening from like Every Fricking Addiction Under the Sun!

Sometimes it takes someone else exposing their deepest, darkest truths for you to find the awareness, love and freedom you need to free yourself. Through relatable and riveting storytelling, Cathi removes the stigma, shame and pain associated with the disease of addiction that often acts as the glue that holds addiction in its place.  With 25 years of continuous and happy recovery under her belt, Cathi’s experience becomes a beacon of hope for still suffering addicts, addicts in recovery, as well as the loved ones of addicts seeking their own understanding.

Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! by Tama Kieves.

Besides making me laugh out loud, this book gave me the hope that I am on the right track even when I can’t see what is coming next in my career. Tama’s book is a portable cheerleader and she has lived through uncertain times to unimaginable freedom, happiness and fulfillment. This book can wholeheartedly support you in your own journey.

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering our Children by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D.

For anyone who values being a loving and compassionate parent, this book focuses on the primary way to achieve that goal: personal transformation. Dr. Tsabary embodies what she teaches and is unapologetic in her message that people who are brave enough to face and embrace themselves are the only ones who can offer the true unconditional love and support children need to thrive.

Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Eric Butterworth

This book is a remedy to the fear of not having enough money. It gave me the epiphany that everything good in my life begins with a creative idea and all creative ideas come from Source through me, not from anything in the material or physical dimension.  In this way, we can learn to allow Source and its total abundance to move through us, creating the life of fulfillment and prosperity we intuitively know we are meant to receive.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer

This book answers your questions related to how to be at peace with your thoughts and emotions and how to let go of preferences in order to shift into that peace. Michael Singer also helps the reader understand the natural fluctuations of your inner energy from “negative” to “positive” states and how to shift out of judgment toward any of the energy moving inside of you. After reading his books, it becomes clear there is a higher power at work in all people, places and things and our oneness with that Force when we surrender to it.

Practicing the Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

This book offers essential insights, experiences and practices from The Power of Now. It teaches you how to fully accept the present moment as it is and how to be at ease with yourself and enjoy your life experience.

Constructive Living: Outgrow shyness, depression, fear, stress, grief, chronic pain by David K. Reynolds

This book can change your life.  It is an action-oriented guide for positive living and offers very practical and sensible advice on topics including fear, thanksgiving, grief, personal energy management, depression and much more.  It is a practical way to live with integrity and love, despite the negative internal stories or emotions we experience that can be very difficult to embrace.

Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen

One of my all-time favorite books! The author was way ahead of his time in terms of spiritual understanding. This book, written in 1940, brings the reader everything he wants-it unravels the mysteries of what we are as human beings, where we are Sourced from energetically, why we are here and where we are going in our evolution.

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene Brown

This is an amazing book for anyone who suffers from rigid thinking, self-rejection and perfectionism.  It is a research backed guide on how to love and accept yourself and how to embrace who you are.

Gratitude: A Way of Life by Louise Hay and Friends

I read this book during one of the most difficult times in my life and the contributors’ energy, in the form of their written words, enabled me to meet my harsh conditions and find the good in my hardship. This book offers a way of living, founded in gratitude, which produces an energy within that allows for deep peace and miraculous transformations.

When Food is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy by Geneen Roth

This book is a healing tonic for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. It was the first time I ever felt acceptable or understood and I gained tremendous insight from her stories.

Codependency No More by Melody Beattie

I had no idea what Co-Dependency Addiction was when I first read this book. Since then, I have read and recommended this book many times because of how it transformed my attitude toward myself and the gentle way the author awakens the reader. This book taught me about healthy communication and boundaries, as well as true empowerment and healthy relationship dynamics.

The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living by Eknath Easwaran

This is the first book in a trilogy of books regarding the practical application of the lessons in the Bhagavad Gita. A storyteller myself, I love how the author intertwines everyday situations with profound, time-tested wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita.  The Bhagavad Gita is a story that depicts a war between two characters, and is metaphorically about the one war we all experience- between our ego and life exactly as it is.

Divine Intelligence: A Scientific Process to Awaken the Creator Within by Jayne Gardner, MCC

This book follows an joyless people pleaser and his coach through a transformative process that combines spiritual law and scientific research. The life changing Process outlined in the book, which I personally experienced and now facilitate for others, is proof of the brilliant, dormant, creative power in each of us waiting to be acknowledged and unleashed.

You Are Enough by Panache Desai

This is the top book I would recommend to anyone as it relates to self-acceptance, spiritual evolution and self-love. This book is for any person who struggles at the level of their thoughts, emotions, vibration or life experiences, including depression, anxiety, life challenges or physical illness of any kind. Panache relates to his readers from the perspective of Presence and Unconditional Love, which empowers his readers to access their spiritual oneness and receive their divine inheritance of peace and abundance.

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

This book radically changed my life from the angle of perspective.  Michael Singer has an ingenious way of taking complex ideas and making them easy for any person to understand and accept.  In this book, he shares his personal story with radical acceptance of whatever life presents to him to face, beyond his preferences, and how surrendering to the divine unfolding of the Universe enables him to break the barriers of his ego and expand within and without.

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