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Cathi Marcus


For over two decades, Cathi Marcus worked as a Fortune 500 company healthcare executive in sales, training, marketing, and management. She presented to audiences of all sizes and worked in front of a camera on commercial sets and as a news anchor.  Cathi speaks on topics ranging from manifesting to mindfulness and shares her gift for transforming complex ideas into easy to understand concepts.

On a personal level, Cathi has shared her story of spiritual awakening and addiction recovery with audiences since 1999. Her full recovery from drugs, alcohol, food, cigarette and unhealthy co-dependent relationships is outlined in her published book entitled “Addictionland: The Raw Details of my Spiritual Awakening from like Every Fricking Addiction Under the Sun!

Cathi is an expert storyteller who makes audiences experience a full range of emotions and inspires new perspective and action.

Cathi is a certified Spiritual Life & Business Coach. This unique certification is based in biology, quantum physics, neuroscience, the law of attraction and positive psychology. Cathi incorporates science-backed information into her talks, which appeals to audiences ranging from corporations to schools to healing centers. Cathi utilizes examples of everyday situations combined with universal spiritual principles that result in well-being and success for her audience.

Cathi Marcus’s education, passion for helping others and personal experience in the realm of spiritual awakening, life transformation and addiction recovery is in high demand because audiences need someone who speaks their language and offers easy to grasp, scientifically backed solutions.

Cathi is the speaker you had in mind.

Highly relatable, authentic, exudes positive energy and has a powerful message and voice that cuts through any room.