Thank you for Taking the Authentic Self Quiz

If you answered yes to more than half of these questions, it’s highly likely that negative, shaping experiences in your early life have taken you hostage. What this means is you are living a life based more in fear than in your authentic desires.

You may fit into one or more of the following profiles: the “People Pleaser”, the “Doubter”, the “Critic”, the “Controller”, the “Perfectionist” and the “Avoider”. Depending on your childhood experiences, you may have developed several of these coping styles to get your needs for love and safety met, only to realize how these coping styles prevent you from ever truly relaxing or being yourself.

Text me at 954-854-4524 if you want to know: How you developed these coping styles. How you can stop your negative life experiences from holding you hostage. How you can shift from a life based in fear to a life based in fulfillment. And, how can you become more empowered and fulfilled in your relationships, career, finances, or health.

Sometimes it takes a coaching partner or a guide who has lived through many of the same difficulties and challenges you face to free you.  I would be honored to be that guide for you.