Thank you for Taking the Insight Quiz

If you answered yes to more than half of the questions, your “Conditioned Self” has taken you hostage. What this means is you are living a life based more on fear than on your true desires. You may fit into one or more of the following profiles: the “People Pleaser”, the “Doubter”, the “Critic”, the “Controller”, the “Perfectionist” and the “Avoider”. Depending on your childhood experience, you may have developed several of these coping mechanisms to navigate your environments.

While the “Conditioned Self” develops as a way of protecting you in childhood, it often prevents you from a happy, free and fulfilled life in adulthood. The Conditioned Self refers to the poor coping mechanisms you develop in childhood as a way to get your needs for love and safety met. It is not your fault you haven’t been happy-your brain needs rewiring!!

Which profile(s) best describe you? How did you become the way you are? How can you stop the Conditioned Self from holding you hostage always reacting? How can you learn to make choices based on your soul’s desires instead of fear?

That nudge within you to take this quiz, dig deeper, and change in your life is the call of your inner wisdom. Together, I can guide you to life you are meant to inJOY-one filled with unlimited possibilities!