Partnering To Bring Your Vision To Life


Cathi was a highly successful Fortune 500 healthcare manager and sales executive for over two decades. During that time, Cathi gained tremendous experience developing SMART goals, effective business and marketing plans, impactful marketing materials/talks and more.

Cathi combines this experience with her creative genius to assist new and existing business owners identify and develop their vision, create customized marketing materials and develop best practices to organically attract ideal customers. Additionally, Cathi is a published author who enjoys coaching other prospective authors on writing and publishing their own inspired books. Cathi has the ability to discern “right” action steps from busy action steps to create incredible outcomes and opportunities with ease and enjoyment!


Cathi partners with individuals in the fields of yoga, acupuncture, therapy, coaching, childhood and adult education, professional services  (lawyers, pharmaceutical, medical etc.), book publishing, crystal healers, and more.  Cathi’s incredible listening skills, presence and intuition enable her to hear what matters most to her clients and subsequently assist them in connecting the points of intersection between their BIG dreams, inner joy, daily actions, successes and mission and gifts of service to the world.

According to the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment, Cathi is in the top 3% of individuals who should be “paid to think’ because of her creative genius.  Whether you want to brainstorm about some area of your life where you struggle to find a solution (i.e., addiction recovery, conscious parenting, finding your soulmate, career transition) or you want to create the business of your dreams or you want to find a way to keep the job you have while pursuing a secret passion that gives you the zest, joy and enthusiasm you seem to be missing, Cathi is your missing link!