Authentic Alignment

The Authentic Attraction Process begins within you and includes numerous, invaluable benefits:

  • Gain a full understanding of the latest scientific research in neurobiology, neuroscience and neuroplasticity to master your brain: carve out new neuropathways to activate and integrate an enlightened, empowered, new YOU.
  • Discover the authentic “you” who has been buried underneath years of hurt, grief, pain, tragedies and more.
  • Manage stress and emotions and heal traumas that inhibit you from consciously designing a fulfilling, peaceful and joyous life.
  • Demystify the belief that God is separate from you. Develop your own deep connection and belief in a Higher Power.
  • Discover the real “secret” to manifesting a life you truly desire: good health, true intimacy, financial security, fulfilling work and emotional well-being.
  • Develop and deepen your joy through your ongoing relationship with your Inner Child/Authentic Self.
  • Design and incorporate a daily practice of self-respect, love and appreciation-all of which are fundamental to fulfillment and success in all areas of your life.

Complimentary consultations available to determine coaching chemistry, goal clarity and answer all questions.

Please contact Cathi directly to reserve this class.



The Authentic Alignment Process Reviews

While training coaches, I sometimes find it helpful for them to coach me and then I can really determine from the inside out how well they are learning the core competencies of coaching.

I immediately saw a master coach inside my student, Cathi Marcus, waiting to be born. I tested it out by having her coach me.

As the founder of The Divine Intelligence Process and an ICF Master Certified Coach, I found Cathi’s coaching presence to be rare, extremely supportive and instrumental in reaching the emotion and awareness I was seeking regarding the situation where she was coaching me. That master coach inside her has burst free so if you have the opportunity to coach with her and experience her presence, don’t waste a moment of doubt. Trust her as she knows how to bring forth the best in you.

I trust Cathi and highly recommend her as a personal coach.

Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC
The Divine Intelligence Institute
ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program)
International Coach Federation

“Going through the Process with Cathi enabled me to return to my light. I’ve always believed the best is yet to come. Now, I don’t feel like I’m waiting for it.”

Ray Roberts

“I am feeling fantabulous since going through the Process! I understand where my behaviors come from, have more self-confidence and compassion, my relationships have improved and I am now proactive instead of reactive!”

Liz Blokdyk

“One day my world stopped, and I was numb and grief-stricken. I had worked on myself spiritually for 25 years. In the previous 2 years I had worked with Cathi on Visionboards and some private coaching. Cathi suggested the Divine Intelligence process. I was open because I was in pain. This program has taken me so much deeper than any work that I had done before.

It is difficult to verbalize my awakenings and transformation. I cried and screamed, and unearthed emotions, and feelings and beliefs that I did not know existed . Everyday there was a new awareness. Cathi was always available night and day. She intuitively knew what would be the tough lessons or tough days.

I am awake to so many truths about my Conditioned Self and my Authentic self. My life is changing rapidly. Today I feel valuable and worthy, and am looking forward to a greater spiritual connection to the God within me, and the unlimited and joyful life I am already experiencing.”

Dawn Delaney, Florida